Supporting both public and private clients, NDS provides a wide range of data collection services. All team members are experienced, full time staff who can leverage their collective experience to ensure the successful completion of your project in a timely manner.

NDS provides their clients with digital files and customized reports. The files can be delivered in Excel, Jamar, ASCII, PDF, Synchro, Traffix or any client specified format.



  • Intersection Turning Movements

  • Pedestrian & Bicycle studies

  • ADT (24 Hour Machine Counts)

  • Axle/Classification Studies (24 hour & Manual)

  • Speed Studies (24 Hour & Radar)

  • Gap Studies

  • Right-Turn-On-Red Studies

  • Time Delay & Queuing Studies

  • Travel Time & Delay Studies

  • Video Surveillance & Analysis


Other Surveys

  • License, Parking, Occupancy & Driveway Studies

  • Mall, Casino & Theme Park Pedestrian Traffic

  • Origin/Destination Studies

  • Transit Ridership Studies

  • Customized Written And Oral Surveys

  • Weaving Analysis

  • Railroad Studies

  • Occupancy Studies

  • Intersection Violation Studies

  • Pedestrian Studies

  • Ball Bank Curve Studies



  • Radar Driven Vehicle detection


Drone Surveillance

  • Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Videography

  • Surface/Street Parking Occupancy and Duration

  • Weaving Analysis

  • Queuing Observation


Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Vehicle Data Collection

  • Parking Lot Duration Studies

  • Street Parking Duration Studies

  • Origin/Destination Vehicle Studies


GPS/GIS Data Collection

  • We are trained in collecting GPS Data with Sub-Meter Accuracy

  • Asset Management Inventory Studies

  • Citywide Street Sign Mapping

  • Traffic Sign Inventory With Retro Reflectivity (MUTCD)

  • Sewer System Mapping

  • Travel Time Studies With GPS

  • GIS Arc Maps